Monday, 3 May 2010

Moto 2 - Turismo Carrettera on 2 Wheels

Startig with this year, the FIM Road Racing World Championship has replaced the 250cc class with a new 4-stroke class called Moto2. The concept of this new class revolves around the spec engine and electronics supplied by Honda. Chassis and suspension is free and that convinced specialist frame builders to construct chassis for this new class. So we have Suter, Moriwaki, RSV, Tech3, Speed Up, Promoharris, Scott, Bimota, Pons Kalex, TSR, BQR-Moto2, MZ, ICP, FTR and ADV chassis for more than 40 riders.

The result, as much as I loved the 250cc class is just something else. I compare it with the Turismo Carretera series from Argentina to which "european" based WTCC or DTM look like an absolute borefest. Neither series have the stars like Rossi, Stoner or Pedrosa or on four wheels Ekstrom, Scheider, Tarquini or Muller but the drivers/riders they have produce a nice show.

Turismo Carrettera from Buenos Aires

Moto2 from Jerez

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2010 LeMans Series Full Season Entry List

LeMans Series Entry List

The full season entry list for the 2010 LeMans Series was published today.
44 cars make up the full entry list but a few other cars will most likely make their way on the starting list for some of the races, especially Spa. Audi has a full season entry but has not yet decided if they will take part in other races bar Paul Ricard, Spa and Silverstone. The rest of the LMP1 list is more or less what was expected.
In LMP2 we have the WR back and i'm hoping WFR makes it on track too. Strakka will have the "honour" of being the first team to race the ex-Acura now HPD badged LMP2 in Europe. A surprise is the same engine to power the RML Lola Coupe. We have a few other Lola Coupe on the list but it's not yet known which will have the cars updated to 2010 spec lola. No Porsche Spyder this year.

The GT1 list is a bit short with only two Saleens, cars which will not compete in the GT1 WC. It's very likely that some of the teams taking part in the GT1 WC and wishing to compete at LeMans will take part in some LMS races too.
Just like the HPD car in LMP2, the BMW M2 GT2 will be an ALMS "import" in the "lower" GT class. Five different models should make the class very interesting. All that's missing is the Corvette.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sunday Morning we lost Jo

Something inside him clicked .. and the race was on

Vic Elford on Helmut Marko's last laps in the 1972 Targa Florio.